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Locust Grove High School Return to Learn  2020-2021


Locust Grove Public Schools is offering 3 options for students in the upcoming school year. 

All students will be scheduled for the traditional classroom unless counselors or administrators are notified. 


Rachel Cunningham, Counselor 9th and 10th grades

Joy Tatum, Counselor 11th and 12th grades


Traditional School​ ​-​ ​Offered to students 9th-12th grades on campus attending school at LGHS. Students would attend ​as ​usual with the social distancing procedures and  precautions to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus​.


Blended Learning ​--Students may take classes online using Acellus. Acellus is the online platform used by LGPS. Blending students take both online and traditional courses. 


Virtual Learning ​- ​Offered ​to ​students 9th-12th ​grades off-campus using Acellus curriculum. This will be a completely online program separate from the regular classroom. This is a self-paced curriculum​, but with accountability on learning objectives. Due dates and deadlines will be a part of the virtual program. Students are expected to make adequate weekly progress. Students will be assigned a certified teacher to assist as needed. 


Distance Learning--Should the virus impact our community or appear to be spreading at higher than normal rates, we will follow our district plan. LGPS may begin Distance Learning at an appropriate time, based on the recommendations from the state health officials and the Oklahoma State Department of Education. 

Students who may need to be home due to quarantine or illness will complete coursework using Google Classroom. Teachers will be using Google Classroom on a daily basis to ensure the seamless transition of students to Distance Learning if needed. 


General Procedures -​ Students will not be permitted to enter the building before 7:30 am.  Students must wear a mask and be screened including temperature check upon entering. 

 ALL students and staff must enter through the front entrance to be screened.  

 Bus riders will be previously screened and may enter through the entrance located to the left of the main entrance (under the smaller awning).  Students may then proceed to the cafeteria area.   

If the student’s temperature is over 100 degrees F, they will be taken to an isolation room.  If students are dropped off and parents have left,  students will be taken to our isolation room. Parents will be notified and must  pick up their children. 

 Any individual, other than a current student, who has a temperature over 100 degrees F,  will not be permitted to enter the building.


Students will be staged in several different areas to increase social distancing. This will also include arrival and dismissal times, meal times, and other settings that will allow and encourage social distancing guidelines.


Food or drink from outside of school will not be allowed to be brought into school for lunches, parties, etc. Students may still bring their lunch and bottled water.


We will continue to follow the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) guidelines and adjust procedures according to its recommendations.


Arriving at school - After screening, students may eat breakfast in the cafeteria practicing social distancing procedures and protocols. .   Students not eating breakfast may enter the HS gym and sit in the bleachers while practicing social distancing procedures and protocols. 

Classrooms and daily schedule - ​All classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned each day. In addition, classrooms will be cleaned throughout  the school day.  Each class will wipe down their desks and any hard surfaces touched before leaving. Hand sanitizer will be provided in several locations throughout the HS. 


All students will all be assigned a Chromebook or laptop. Chromebooks/Laptops will be checked out to all students within the first week of school. Students will have the responsibility to bring their Chromebook/laptops fully charged to class every day. In the event that a student is sick or school is closed, students will access lessons and assignments on their device from home.  Each teacher will utilize google classroom.  In the event a student or staff member becomes ill or is in quarantine, google classroom will ensure a seamless transition to at home learning. 



Locust Grove High School

Frequently Asked Questions


Will temperatures be taken upon entering Locust Grove High School? 


  • Yes,  All sites and buses will have touchless thermometers for temperature screenings.  Temperatures will be taken upon entrance. Sites will have staff monitor entrance points and temperatures. Students and staff will not be allowed to enter the site if running a temperature of 100 degrees F or higher. IStudents who have been dropped off will be taken to an isolation area until they can be picked up. 

  •  Please help us by taking your child’s temperature each morning as well.

    • All students and staff must enter through the main entrance.

    • Bus riders will be screened including temperature checks before boarding the bus.


  •  All visitors and guests will be screened including temperature checks and required to wear a face-covering/mask upon entry. 


  • Guests will be seen by appointment.  


  • Regular screening will take place during the school day if a student or staff member is suspected of running a temperature.


Will my child be required to wear a face mask?  

  • Face coverings/masks will be required by all staff and students upon entry to the building. We will have “mask free/ optional zones” and “mask required zones” to be determined by site administration. Areas, where students can social distance and spread out, will be “mask free or mask optional zones”. Most classes will be accommodated for proper distancing and be “mask free/optional zones”. Potential “mask required zones” could be places like hallways, bathrooms, libraries, and buses. Bus rider lines will be “mask required zones.”


  • Masks and face coverings are required while riding the school bus. Proper social distancing cannot occur on a school bus.


  • Students and staff will need to have a mask with them upon arrival and have it readily available throughout the school day. 


  • One mask will be provided by LGPS and an additional will need to be purchased by the student.


  • Locust Grove Public Schools will monitor the changing conditions of COVID-19, and our policy may change under the advisement of health officials and the State Department of Education.


Will students on school buses be required to wear a mask and social distance?

  • All students who ride school buses will be required to wear a mask because of the inability to properly distance.

What will physical distancing look like in the classroom?

  • We will physically distance in the classroom as space allows. In accordance with Department of Health directives, efforts will be made to limit close contact between students.

  • We will limit contact through the following actions:

    • Arrange classrooms and other areas to maximize spacing between students and teachers to the extent possible.

    • Amend schedules to conform with social distancing guidelines (e.g. stagger lunches, reduce class sizes as much as possible)


If my child commits to virtual learning this semester, can he/she still return to the traditional school?  Yes

  • They may return during the first two weeks of school and then at each nine weeks.

  • Not all Acellus courses are offered in a traditional classroom. Students may need to complete the Acellus course to ensure they receive credit and stay on track to graduate. 

  • Students may take advantage of Acellus/LGIL classes being offered at LGHS.


Will I be allowed to have lunch at school with my child?

  • No, unfortunately.  Parent and guardian visits to school will be limited to essential activity. We must minimize risk for all students.

Will I be allowed to drop lunch off to my child as in the past?

  • No, unfortunately.  Parent and guardian visits to school will be limited to essential activity. We must minimize risk for all students.

Will students be eating breakfast in the cafeteria or inside their classroom?

  • Students will eat breakfast in the cafeteria.  Should we see an increase in the virus, modifications will be made.  

Will students be eating lunch in the cafeteria or inside their classroom?

  • In order to social distance, we have 3 lunch periods which allows students to follow social distancing procedures. We will be utilizing grab and go options and  students can eat outside as much as possible.  

Will there be bottle filling stations for the refilling of water bottles during the day?

  • All schools will have a bottle filling station. You will need to send water bottles filled for the day.  Trips to the bottle filling station will be limited.

What steps will be taken if there is a student and/or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Since each case is unique, Locust Grove Public Schools will work with public health officials to determine the appropriate next steps.  This may require a specific school site and/or district to temporarily shift to distance learning. Locust Grove Public Schools will communicate through the Locust Grove Public Schools app and through district email as to any and all changes that will be needed for a specific school site and/or district. 

What will determine a temporary school closure?

  • Locust Grove Public Schools works in partnership with public health officials and agencies. The guidance and recommendations given by those agencies will determine the steps that should be taken by our school district. 


When will distance learning be used?

  • Distance learning will be used by Locust Grove Public Schools when:

    • Students who are quarantined, have CLOSE exposure to a person testing positive to COVID-19, and/or are ill themselves. 

    • A school site and/or the district is closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak or other unforeseen circumstances. 


Will attendance be taken during distance learning?

  • Yes. During distance learning, attendance will be measured through student logins, communication with district educators, participation and completion of activities, assignments, and assessments.


Will grades and assignments be taken during distance learning?

  • Yes.  During distance learning, students are expected to complete activities, assignments, and assessments.  

  • All assignments will be given through Google Classroom, our LMS (Learning Management System).


How will parents receive information about updates, transitions to distance learning, changes in schedules, etc? 

  • All information will be sent via Locust Grove School app, the district website -, and Locust Grove High School Facebook Page.  When using the app, be sure and allow for notifications in order to stay up to date with the most current information.   


If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact:

Nancy Neff, Principal at or Mark Jones, Assistant Principal




Return to Learn Letter

Return to Learn Plan

FAQ – Return to Learn

2020-2021 Enrollment Packet



lgil flyer

If you have any questions, contact Nancy Neff or Mark Jones You may also call the HS office at 918-479-5247 

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