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Bonjour!  Je vous apprécie, et je me manque de vous tous.

Hello!  I appreciate you, and I miss all of you.




1.Download Duoling.  It’s a FREE app that will help you learn and review French in a fun way.  I know many of you are already using it.  You will take a pretest to get started.  Send me a screen shot of that, so I can celebrate your progress with you.  You will be asked to set a daily goal.  I wouldn’t set a big one.  The app will pester you if you do. 


2.  Download Memrize.  It is also an app used for learning languages.  Some of my students prefer Memrize.  Check it out.  Don’t pay for subscription—just use the free version.


3.  Go to Youtube and search LEARN FRENCH WITH PASCAL.  He does a great job—with a thick French accent—of explaining how French works and sounds. 


4.  Look for some Youtube channels on your own.  Please share with me and others as you find them. 


5.  On Amazon Prime, there is a new French series called RÉSISTANCE; it is really good, and there are subtitles in English.


6.  Go to a French newspaper site (,, or and translate either an article or 5 headlines for as many points as you would like to earn.  Remember, use to help you with translating.  Google translate gets a little lost at times. 


7.  Here is my famous crepe recipe.  I will be posting a video soon, so I can demonstrate. OR . . . how about some of my awesome students make a crepe and post it—just tag me too. 



This is the recipe. I recommend that you add the ingredients together in this order:

3 eggs (Wisk these together well before you add anything to them.)

1 Tbsp. butter (melted, but not too hot.  You don’t want to cook the eggs.)
1 1/2 cups milk

1 cup flour
1 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt


For best results cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 3 hours. 


Again, I miss all of you.  Let me know if you need anything.  I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish the year the normal way, but we are still going to do some fun stuff.  If you would like a chance to improve your grade, use the apps listed above and send me screen shots of your progress. 


Bonne journée!


Monsieur Stipes


You may friend me on FB, or text me.  My number is (918) 530-2579.